World Bank – Peking University Roundtable Workshop on Jobs and Economic Transformation

GReCEST Secretariat

Job creation and economic transformation is a central challenge for many developing countriesacross the world. Together, the countries eligible for nancing from the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank will have an estimated 600 million new entrants into their labor markets over the next decade. Creating more and better jobs in these countries requires economic transformation—moving workers from lower to higher productivity activities—led by avibrant private sector and supported by public policy actions.

During the discussions of the IDA18 replenishment, shareholders agreed that a scaled-up focus on jobs and economic transformation will be essential to reach the 2030 development goals. In the course of the IDA18 period (2017-20), IDA will provide financing amounting to US$75 billion to spur growth, promote resilience, and create opportunities. This scaled-up support will build on IDA’s track record in understanding and addressing the jobs and economic transformation challenges, andleverage partnerships and global initiatives.

The workshop aims to advance the dialogue among policy makers and development practitioners onjobs and economic transformation through discussing recent analytical studies and selected countrycases. It aims to invite different opinions and approaches, and explore opportunities to mobilize combined efforts to support job creation and economic transformation in IDA countries.